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In the days before Neil A. Armstrong gave real contours to the phantasmagoric image that the phrase ''lunar landscape'' used to evoke, Cappadocia could have served as its earthly counterfeit. Although firmly planted in the earth of Turkey (the ancient Asia Minor), a more extraterrestrial specter than Cappadocia's landscape can hardly be imagined -endless fields of bizarre castles, cones, spires and towers, crags dotted with mysterious apertures and phalanxes of gigantic mushrooms wearing caps that mock gravity.

Cappadocia, legendarily called The Land of Beautiful Horses, but as we call Planet Cappadocia  where the spectacular lunar landscapes sculpted by erosion, the cave dwellings, dovecots, sanctuaries, and underground cities are enough to call it the planet on earth. Cappadocia is where you can see what nature could do in millions of years by volcanic activities and what man could do in thousands by digging into the tuff stone of Cappadocia! 

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Hot Air Balloon : Cappadocia : Uçhisar : Fairy Chimneys
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