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Green Canyon Hike

 The Western Border of Cappadocia

Green Canyon Hike

 The Western Border of Cappadocia

7 Hours

All Months

100 € (pp)


Ihlara Canyon is the unique among the valleys of Cappadocia. It lays along 14 km and cave churches all along it. Canyon is national park today on western part of Cappadocia where you can see one of the ancient volcanoes called Mt. Hasan. 

First, we get to the beginning point of the canyon to see the way it goes and then going into it to walk 7 km (half of the canyon). On the path, we will see the some well-preserved churches of Cappadocia such as Kokar Church, Ağaçaltı Church, Serpent Church and St George Church. Especially, Serpent and St George Churches will show you some unique depictions like a sort of Judgement depiction in Serpent Church with snake figures biting and eating man. St George Church will provide you the only muslim figure you may see in church, Seljuk Sultan Mesut II, Byzantine Emperor Andronicos II and St George. 

After the walk, we get to the village Belisırma, just the middle point of the canyon where we can find restaurants you can have our lunch stop. This is the widest part of the valley where the local could settle and build their houses. In the rest of the canyon, early christians could find a shelter from Romans and later the monks could find a peacefull place to be away from evertyhing to be in their innerself, just as St Simon did.

After the lunch break in village, we drive to the end of the canyon to see one of the fantastic rock monastery complexes of Cappadocia; Selime Cathedral. 

It's completely carved into the hill with the sections needed. Monastery, vinery, church, chapel, cathedral, storages , kitchen etc. Some parts of the facade collapsed in time, that's why we have lower and upper terraces to see the view of the neighbouring area. Paintings are really well-preserved because of its use as caravanserai after 12th century. But we can recognise some of them in Cathedral. 

Before driving to central Cappadocia, we stop on the way to have a look at a little detail of Cappadocian formation, Crater Lake of Nar. Actually, Cappadocian formation took millions of years and it means it began long time before the volcanoes around Cappadocia arose. You may see many of the adventive cones along the road but some erupted and created such crater lakes. 

As last, up to your choice, we finish the day on a panoramic view point with a drink after the long day on Cappadocia Planet.

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