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Devrent Valley / Imaginary Valley

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Dervent lets you see another face of Cappadocia. This is not an area of caves or chimney formations. It offers you to check your imaginations. The formations with different size and forms are all a matter of you angle. One of the symbols of Cappadocia, Camel-shaped stone is in Dervent Valley but you might see something else for the same pieces. Like Camel-shaped stone might be seen as chicken, snail, turtle etc.

The way passes through it today but definitely you need to walk in Dervent to see more formations. Even you can try to walk at night when it's fulmoon if it's possible. Even you can see them like coming alive under the moonlight.

On the contrary, in Dervent Valley, no cave was carved. Only a small dovecot carved on the slopes but not in use any more.

Only, we recommend you to go there with proper walking shoes because of the path passing through the formations. You may enjoy yourself in Dervent on the paths up and down.

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