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Pigeon Valley

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Pigeon Valley, as the name implies, is full of dovecots carved into the slopes to fertilize the land, especially for the vineyards. On the top of the valley, all along the farm tracks from Uçhisar to Göreme, the area is full of grapes and apricots. Actually, all valleys of Cappadocia is full of grapes and you may see the dovecots anywhere. But this valley is just for the dovecots. It's possible to see some field cultivated but when you compare it with the other valleys such as Red and Rose Valleys, planted area of Pigeon Valley is really limited. That's why pigeon valley was like a storage of fertilizer. Small, big or multi-storied dovecots are everywhere.

As one of the popular hiking trails of Cappadocia, Pigeon Valley is the one you can walk relatively easily. There are two ways to go into path ; one is from Uçhsar town, pigeon valley panoramic view point and the other way is from Göreme town. Only on the lower slopes of the Uçhisar Castle, you need to go to upper side of the path and down again to bottom path of the valley gradually. The rest is easy walk. On path closer to Göreme Town, there are some tunnels you need to pass through but in the rest you'll pass beside all those little tunnels eroded by water.

Mostly hikers go into the valley from Uçhisar town and so you can have a view of it first by getting the castle, valley and the town itself into a single frame.

On the beginning of the path, you can see some well-decorated facades of the dovecots. Actually, you'll see the dovecots all along the path, for 4 km, on the slopes of the valley. Even you may go into some of the big ones to have the experince of a Cappadocian pigeon.

On the other hand, for the ones who like to have a long walk, we recommend to begin in the Pigeon Valley from Göreme Town. Because you link the way through Uçhisar Town to White Valley ( Love Valley ) and, further on, to Çavuşin Village, Red &Rose Valleys and finally to Göreme by drawing a big circle from Göreme to Göreme ( apox. 17 km ).

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