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Red & Rose Valleys

Possibly the best hiking trail of Cappadocia, Red&Rose Valleys offer you a pack of everything in Cappadocia; fairy chimneys, cave churches and frescoes, dovecots, vineyards, hermitages, grave chapels and a perfect view of the sunset.

As you guess, we call them so because of the red and pink color of the tufa stone but you may see any color of it. On any point, you may have a different angle and the view of the formations so you may feel like you're on a different planet. You pass through the tunnels first and some vineyards, it shows you the way of water pouring on slopes and eroding the tufa in a creamy-shape. Especially, if you walk in September and October, you can taste of Cappadocian grapes or apricots in june.

There are many paths and routes of these valleys. Actually we call this area Red&Rose Valleys of Rose Valley I, Rose Valley II and Red Valley. Moreover you can keep hiking on Meskendir Valley, too. It's completely up to your time, even you spend the whole day.

We recommend the way beginnig in Çavuşin Village because the path is gradually and slightly going up. and shows you the way of water eroding the slopes in creamy-shape. By passing through the tunnels and vineyards, you'll see dovecots and churches. Definitely recommended to visit them. Column Church is one of the best churches for the carving technique. There is no decoration except some red ochre but you'll astonished for the architecture.

Cross Church is the one on slopes inside of a fairy chimney. You can see the apse decorated with frescoes but the cross on the ceiling is perfect, which you may see in a small percentage of the churches of Cappadocia. The same cross mothif can be seen in Three-Cross Church in Rose Valley I, as well. Another mothif of the cross you may see in Three-Cross Church is the one encircled. As another church of frescoes in Red Valley is Grapes Church which is a small cave complex like Cross Church. As the name sounds, it's decorated with grapes mothifs.

To Summurize the article, you can do the walk in Red&Rose Valley in different times to have different experinces. Just before the sunset or when the fullmoon rises...

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