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Uçhisar Castle and Town

Uçhisar is a characteristic town of Cappadocia, on the slopes of the castle as the biggest formation of Cappadocia. The houses located on the slopes of the castle seems like built on the terraces but they have cave sections carved into the hill. That's why the building are much more bigger than they look.

Some of those still inhabited by locals. Some are abondaned and not restored yet. Just have a walk in Uçhisar town. You can see interesting mothifs carved on the built parts of the houses facades. Even you may keep going into Pigeon Valley from the town. All along 4 km long valley, numerous dovecots are seen and you may go into some of those.

Definitely recommended too, to go up to the top of Uçhisar Castle to see whole central Cappadocia, like a soldiers doing watching duty hundreds of years ago. From the top, you would have the view of Pigeon Valley, Göreme Town, slopes of Red Valley and Mt. Erciyes ( 3918 m ) in Kayseri City, on the eastern part of Cappadocia. Today, some caves are open to pass through in the entrance of the castle. They used to be the stables. After the entrance, you go out of it and stairway going up to top, outside of the castle. From the way down of the castle, you can see how high it is and many caves on it as storages, dovecots etc. but they're not safe anymore to visit.

Moreover, if you have time, to walk on the farm tracks above Pigeon Valley is recommended. It's alternative way down to Göreme town. You can have different views of town and the tower. Especially, you can go that way just after the sunset.

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