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White Valley / Love Valley

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

You may see Cappadocian tuff stone as white, yellow, red and greenish depending on the minerals. If it's yellow of sulfur, red of iron, white of lime and ....... So-called White Valley is almost completely white laying 6 km long situated between Uçhisar and Çavuşin Village. The hike relatively easy to do. In summer time, it's pretty dry and easy to walk but in spring time, the bottom path might be muddy. If you go down from Uçhisar Town, the path is going down gradually to the bottom path and easier to walk if you compare the hike contrarily. To finish the walk in the end sitting beside the huge formations of Love Valley would make it more fantastic, too.

The last 500 m of the valley is called ''Love Valley' where you can see chimney-like formations of Cappadocia, formed by erosion in millions of years so It's like walking among the Gods.

As a interesting detail, in White Valley, there is no cave except some dovecots and some vineyard houses. The other valleys of Cappadocia, you can see many caves as churches, hermitages, grave chapels and even bee hieves but in White Valley, no. The density of tuff may not be good for carving.

White Valley's location is really close to the other valleys such as Red / Rose Valleys and Pigeon Valley. You can do the walk from Göreme to Göreme without using any transportation, by drawing a big circle. Only in the valleys like White Valley, you can't change your mind in the middle of it. There is no any other way to go out of it.

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